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Disc Herniation Specialist in San Diego

Disc herniations cause a variety of unpleasant symptoms ranging from lower back and neck pain to headaches, numbness, weakness and even loss of bodily function. This painful condition, typically the result of a spinal alignment problem from a personal injury, accident injury or degenerative disorder, can bring about such severe pain and impairment that sufferers sometimes turn to major surgery or resign themselves to a lifetime of pain medication. A practitioner who has expertise treating this condition, however, can often use modern chiropractic techniques and supportive therapies to help resolve a herniated disc problem naturally and non-invasively. Here at CK Chiropractic Center, Dr. Kien Ta’s skill and experience in this area has enabled him to help many patients regain normal function and eliminate their pain and other symptoms.

herniated_disk_doctor_san_diego.jpgThe term “disc” refers to the gelatinous discs that normally lie centered between vertebrae. These discs act as cushions, preventing the vertebrae from compressing painfully while contributing to the overall height of the spinal column. When a disc juts partway out of the spinal column, it is said to be herniated.

A herniated disc may press against one the major nerve roots exiting the spinal cord, interfering with nerve signals and causing sharp pains, numbness, tingling sensations, muscle atrophy, and/or functional problems in the limb served by that particular nerve branch. If the herniation occurs down in the lumbar region of the spine, for example, it may impinge the sciatic nerve. The resulting symptoms, generally known as sciatica, will then afflict one leg or the other. If the herniation occurs in the cervical region, symptoms similar to those of sciatica may affect the arms or hands.

Spinal alignment problems can cause herniated discs. A personal injury, sports injury or accident injury can jolt the spine sufficiently to throw the vertebrae out of alignment, thus allowing discs to shift position. An auto accident injury is a good example, since even a low-speed collision can transfer a large, sudden force to the skeleton. But this condition can also stem from natural causes. The aging process itself may flatten the discs somewhat by causing them to lose some of their internal water supply, at which point the spine may compress and the discs move out of position.

Pain Relief for Your Herniated Disc

Our disc herniation specialist, Dr. Ta, knows how to help herniated discs heal naturally, relieving the aggravating symptoms without recourse to surgery or drugs. Perhaps the most common treatment for this condition is spinal decompression. Decompression places a small amount of traction on the spinal column, pulling the vertebrae apart just enough to create negative pressure that “vacuums” the herniated disc back into its proper place, relieving pressure on surrounding nerves. Over the course of several sessions, the disc has the opportunity to heal and regain its former shape. If you have herniated discs from an accident injury or any other cause, schedule a consultation with our disc herniation specialist today.


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