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San Diego Chiropractor Offers Massage for Back Pain, Neck Pain, Headaches, and Auto Accident or Whiplash Injuries

Massage therapy has long been associated with luxury and relaxation, but it is also gaining proper recognition as an effective and healing form of chiropractic care. San Diego's CK Chiropractic Center, which is near National City and Mira Mesa, offers massage as one of the many therapies available. Massage therapy can help alleviate neck pain, back pain, headaches, or agony incurred from whiplash or other personal injury from an auto accident. Massage can also be used to benefit those injured at the workplace and involved in workers' compensation cases as well as those who are not injured at all as a way to promote and maintain overall wellness. Massage can improve circulation, relieve tension, and provide a feeling of wellbeing.

Massage Therapy San Diego


Chiropractic care for Auto Accident and Personal Injury Include San Diego Massage

Our San Diego chiropractor employs massage using a series of pressing and rubbing movements that manipulate the skin, tendons, muscles and ligaments of a given area. The amount of pressure applied during the therapy depends on the ailment being treated and the type of massage being administered. Ailments such as whiplash, headaches, back pain, and neck pain have often been successfully treated using a combination of different massage techniques or massage therapy in conjunction with other forms of chiropractics.

Swedish massage is one of the gentlest forms of massage our chiropractor offers, with the overall goal of both relaxing and energizing the patient. Elongated strokes, circular and kneading motions are part of a Swedish massage, as are gentle vibrations and tapping movements. Such a gentle massage can often alleviate headaches or minor pains, although it does not penetrate to the deepest tissues.

Deep-tissue is one of the most forceful types of massage our chiropractor administers. The goal of deep-tissue massage is assist with healing and alleviation of back pain, neck pain, and pain from whiplash from an auto accident injury due to muscle damage from sprains, strains, and other injuries. Forceful strokes target deep layers of muscle and connective tissue to release tension and promote recovery.

Sports massage is another type of massage therapy used in chiropractic care that also treats injuries, although it is less forceful than deep-tissue massage. The main purpose of a sports massage is to help with the healing or prevention of injuries for patients involved in athletic activities or professions that require a high level of sports-like activity and the risk of on-the-job injuries that can lead to workers' compensation cases.

Trigger point massage therapy is one of the most focused types of the therapy, homing in on sensitive areas called trigger points. Trigger points are muscle fibers that have tightened up, forming a concentrated area of soreness. They can occur from either overusing or injuring a muscle. The point of trigger point massage is to release the tension and tightness from trigger points and restore muscles to their optimum health.

Whether it's for relaxation, restoration, alleviation of stress, or the help with healing, we can best assess and provide the optimum massage therapy for each individual situation. Call or contact us online with additional questions or to schedule an appointment.

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