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San Diego Natural Chiropractic Care

Holistic Natural Healing for Recovery and Wellness Chiropractic

San Diego ChiropracticMany people who seek natural healing or wish to maintain a state of ongoing wellness find chiropractic care to be highly effective. Our San Diego chiropractor, Dr. Kien Ta, can pinpoint the musculoskeletal origins of a problem and then use precise, gentle manual adjustments to correct any spinal misalignments that may be involved.

Injury recovery represents a major benefit of chiropractic care. An auto accident injury, for example, typically transfers extreme forces to the spinal column, resulting in subluxations (vertebral misalignments) that allow the fragile discs between vertebrae to slip out of position and pinch nerves. Our San Diego chiropractor can employ spinal adjustment techniques to correct the misalignment and permit natural healing. Other forms of musculoskeletal injury may take longer to develop, often with an underlying misalignment contributing to the problem. Sports injuries or workplace pain may occur from a sudden impact trauma or from a repetitive motion disorder that strains muscles or connective tissues.

Our chiropractor can also use spinal adjustment and other techniques to relieve pain and other symptoms caused by illness. Sciatica, for example, may stem from an uneven stance or gait that eventually leads to a herniated disc pushing against the sciatic nerve. Joint problems such as arthritis can be aggravated by spinal misalignments. In some cases, the faulty nerve function caused by a spinal misalignment can play a role in elevated blood pressure, ADHD, and allergies. Chiropractic adjustment offers a non-surgical, drug-free method of natural healing for these and many other health conditions.

Chiropractic care can also play an important role in your continuing wellness. By improving your nervous system’s ability to function normally, periodic spinal adjustment can optimize your immune response to genuine threats while also helping to prevent such overreactions as chronic allergies or autoimmune disorders. Improved nerve signaling helps normalize blood pressure, blood sugar levels and hormonal activity; it also means that your muscles can do their work more efficiently. The end result is better day-to-day health. We encourage our patients to get regular spinal evaluations so we can perform “preventative maintenance” as needed. Preventative care can help you feel your best at all times and avoid more complex treatments in the future.


San Diego, Normal Heights 92105, and Mira Mesa 92126


If you live in San Diego, Normal Heights, Mira Mesa or anywhere in the 92105 or 92126 area codes and are seeking chiropractic care, schedule an initial consultation at our clinic. Our chiropractor will perform a detailed evaluation of your current condition and musculoskeletal alignment -- whether you suffer from a sports injury or auto accident injury, or you just want to improve your health. Dr. Ta can then prescribe the proper course of adjustments, physical rehabilitation and other supportive therapies to restore correct alignment, thus taking pressure off of nerves and relieving strain from soft tissues. We can then devise a customized wellness program to help you preserve your new-found health.


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