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San Diego Sports Chiropractor & Rehabilitation

Treatment to Help Sports Injuries Heal Quickly and Safely

Sports injuries don’t just affect professional athletes. At CK Chiropractic Center, we frequently treat patients for a variety of musculoskeletal injuries caused by sporting activities. We use an integrated approach to treat sports injuries. By combining chiropractic adjustments with physical rehabilitation treatments, we help relieve chronic pain, speed healing and prevent future injury. From tennis elbow and sprained ankles to managing knee pain and shoulder pain, our chiropractic care team can help you recover quickly and safely from your athletic injury.

Natural Treatments • Back Pain, Tennis Elbow & Sprained Ankles

Sports injuries may be caused by an underlying misalignment in the body. In fact, a simple misalignment can alter the body’s natural movement, causing a repetitive motion injury like tennis elbow. In the case of tennis elbow, improper movements strain the tendons in the elbow, causing pain to slowly build over time. Eventually, it may become too painful to even grip a tennis racket. San Diego Sports Chiropractor

The first step towards healing a repetitive motion injury is to reduce swelling and promote internal healing through rehabilitative care. Next, our chiropractor will determine if an underlying misalignment is causing the improper motion. By restoring proper alignment, we can help retrain the body to properly move in a manner that will not strain the tendons.

A herniated disc is one of the most common sports injuries. Everything from a slip and fall while running to lifting too much weight at the gym can cause a disc in the spine to slip out of alignment. Once this occurs, the herniated disc may compress nerves. Depending on the disc’s location, patients may experience shoulder pain, low back pain or leg pain. We treat this athletic injury using chiropractic care. Spinal adjustments help create space in the spine, which allows the herniated disc to return to its proper location. This relieves pressure on the nerves for long-term pain relief.

One of the biggest challenges patients experience as a result of a sports injury is increased scar tissue at the injury site. Many patients struggle with chronic shoulder or knee pain because an old injury did not properly heal. Prompt diagnostic care allows our team to quickly identify and treat the underlying cause for your pain. The earlier we are able to restore alignment to the body and reduce inflammation, the more we can do to prevent the buildup of scar tissue.

Prompt care is especially important when treating sprained ankles. Unfortunately, many individuals follow a wait-and-see approach. This means they wait until the pain subsides and then begin exercising again. Without proper rehabilitation care, scar tissue may form around sprained ankles. Not only does this lead to chronic pain, but individuals are also at greater risk for future injuries. If you have sustained an injury, seek rehabilitation care immediately.

Don’t let a sports injury slow down your level of daily activity. With early intervention and proper treatment, our wellness team can get you back in the game.


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