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San Diego Chiropractor Uses Trial Experience to Benefit Patients

Our San Diego chiropractors are pleased to serve the San Diego, National City and Mira Mesa communities, aiding car accident, workers' compensation, and personal injury patients as they navigate the path to wellness again. Our chiropractor, Dr. Ta, is very experienced in helping patients heal from whiplash, back pain, neck pain, headaches, and other pain-causing conditions.
One thing that truly sets the CK Chiropractic Center apart from the rest is that Dr. Ta is highly experienced as a trial specialist. He is board certified as an Independent Medical Examiner and Chiropractic Examiner. He is also certified in the AMA Impairment Rating System and as an Industrial Disability Examiner. The state of California has certified Dr. Ta as a licensed Medical Evaluator in workmans' compensation claims as well.



Trial Experience San Diego



Dr. Ta: His Expert Testimony For Workers' Comp, Auto Accident, and Personal Injury

These certifications and qualifications make Dr. Ta uniquely qualified to testify in court cases that involveworkers' compensation, auto accident injuries, and personal injuries. Dr. Ta has testified in his capacity as an expert chiropractor in more than 20 trials in the San Diego area and throughout California, and is considered a valuable expert in cases that involve injuries such as whiplash, headaches, neck pain, and back pain. Dr. Ta and the staff here at CK Chiropractic Center in San Diego are fully devoted to caring for injury victims and helping them through the healing process. Many other facilities may refuse patients with an auto accident, workers' compensation, or personal injuries, especially if the case is currently in litigation. Here at the CK Chiropractic Center we will take on those tough cases because we have Dr. Ta, an expert in this area, working on your side every step of the way.

Many auto accidents, workers' compensation, and personal injuries do not end up being trial cases, but rather require expert testimony during the deposition, mediation, and arbitration phases of the case. Dr. Ta has been involved in hundreds of depositions, mediations, and arbitrations and is highly experienced with accident cases. Dr. Ta and the entire team here at CK Chiropractic will make sure that each patient who is dealing with the neck pain, headaches, back pain, whiplash, and other painful injuries gets the chiropractor care and massage therapy that they need to recover fully. In addition, Dr. Ta will help patients, via his presence in court as needed, to get the compensation they deserve for their injury.

When patients come to CK Chiropractic Center for chiropractor care and massage therapy for their injuries, they can rest assured that their back pain, neck pain, headaches, and whiplash will soon be behind them and that they will have an expert behind them as they deal with the litigation process for their case. Dr. Ta and our staff look forward to helping you, so please let us know about any questions or concerns you may have!


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